Thursday, March 15, 2007

How to Build a Computer (non-detalied)

How to Build a Computer:


First of all you will need all the necessary parts: a motherboard, case, processor(has to fit motherboard and vice versa), Graphics/Video Card, Hard Drive, RAM,CD drive, and a operating system. To buy these go to your local computer store and ask to buy them. These are the parts that you will need but the exact parts will vary witht eh need and budget. After you have all of your parts, lay them out in the packaging, and leave them until needed. Go and put on some clothes that don’t give of static. First of all take out the case, and take of one side. Next we are going to need the hard drive. Put that in the necessary slot (usually at the bottom, near the front). Put it at desired level of height, find the 4 screws that go with it and screw them down. Next get the CD/DVD drive and put it into the port above the hard drive and screw it in. Make sure to pop out the front or else you wont be able to access your CD Drive. Then Its time to put the processor in the motherboard, its a lot easier if u do it while it isnt in the case. Take the Motherboard and CPU out of their cases, make sure they don’t touch anything that might give of static electricity. Carefully align the Triangle on the processor to the triangle of the motherboard and put it in. If it doesn’t fit, then don’t force it in, take it out and make sure you have aligned it right. The next part is tricky because you only have 1 chance to get it right. Take the fan of the CPU and align it so that it will fit perfectly in the motherboard. Then take of the protective covering from the glue, and connect the fan with the CPU. Latch it on in the right slots. Lay the case flat where you are building the computer, and align the motherboard with the case and screw it down. Next take out the video card, and find the correct slot for it near the CPU. Put it in and then clamp it into spot. Next comes the RAM, this is easy to put in, just open up the slots put it in and clamp it down just like with the video card. Connect all of the cables and tuck them in somewhere so that they don’t mess with the systems ventilation, or else you will get a lot of crashed. Plug it in , add the monitor and speakers. Turn it on, add the OS disk in the drive. Then choose your settings and here is your new computer, congrads you saved yourself some money.

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Delacroix said...

who care's build one, when you could just buy it